Empower diverse community voices in media

Provide access to media production, resources, and tools for the community

Increase Media Diversity A Project of Media That Matters

You can empower people to make media that matters and builds our community

Your gift empowers and educates individuals to express diverse viewpoints and provides a home for information programming from local nonprofit organizations.

You empower community voices

You make it possible for almost 20 hours of new, locally produced programming to be premiered on TVSB weekly. You provide the access to media production resources for community producers to create and distribute these programs.

You empower nonprofit voices

You help more than 120 nonprofit organizations produce public service announcements, programs, and information segments.

You empower youth voices

You provide the opportunity for youth to develop their creative confidence to express their viewpoints using media. For as little as $5 per week, you can provide a scholarship for one youth to participate in our youth media programs.

You expand access to media

  • You provide additional after-school training programs to teach young people critical media skills
  • Help launch a program to use citizen reporters to generate community-based news stories
  • Expand training programs to increase digital literacy in Santa Barbara
  • Increase television coverage of community events.

Conversations in our communities are shaped by the media we see, hear, and read. Today 90% of these messages are controlled by six companies. TV Santa Barbara is the only independent nonprofit organization in Santa Barbara providing access to public media created by and for the community.

Make a donation today because diverse voices in local media increases civic engagement and builds our community.

Together We Can Make It Happen! Here's How:
Provide Media Access to the Community $2,500
yCreate Youth Media After-School Program $3,500
$9,057 Raised
150% towards $6,000 Goal

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