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Today's commercial media environment provides few opportunities for community issues, thoughts, and concerns to be addressed. Your support provides community members with the knowledge, resources, and tools to create and distribute their own original programming content. Programming that encourages a diversity of viewpoints to build our community. Discussions on civic issues, candidate interviews, entertainment, variety, local nonprofits, health tips, alternative news, community lectures, event highlights, and more make up the independent programming produced by people like you on TVSB.

It is our goal to be the premiere source of your local media content, produced by a vibrant and collaborative community of creative media producers.

You make programming and production resources possible through TV Santa Barbara. You can make the difference in creating community media and building a public source for independent, diverse programming that reflects the Santa Barbara region.

We can ensure that everyone has a voice in our local media. Please contribute today.

Every $35 helps to provide 1/2 hour of production resources to the community.

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Community Production and Local Programming Support $3,000

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