Give Democracy a Voice

Our democracy needs you so all people can participate to create media that matters and share their voice.

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Giving Tuesday - Give Democracy a Voice A Project of Media That Matters

You have the power to give democracy a voice.

Throughout the day we check media feeds on our mobile devices, turn on the radio, watch television, or read the newspaper. Youth spend an average of more than 10 hours with media per day. We are saturated with media messages.

How would you feel if the people who look like you were shown as criminals, drug-users, or living in poverty in media? How are your views shaped by how people are shown in media?

Media impacts how we feel, how we view the world, and how we determine what is possible.

You increase understanding through media

Mainstream media focuses on money at your expense. Network evening news failed to report on issues and policies during this campaign season. In 2008, the networks devoted 220 minutes of time to report on issues. This year, they spent only thirty minutes of time on issues. With a focus on terrorism and the Middle East, reports on healthcare, climate change, guns, and other issues received less than ten minutes of time.

On the other hand, in one month on TV Santa Barbara, more than 900 minutes of time explored issues. Programs included candidate interviews and debates. Reporters spent time talking about the news. People shared thoughts on the death penalty. All created and shared by people to fill the void with powerful information.

You protect people's right to speak and be heard through media

The right of all people to be able to freely express themselves is the basis of our work. We assist people in the creation and sharing of media to build understanding across communities.

When the Central Coast's Spanish-speaking news program went off the air, a group of local volunteers stepped forward to fill this void. People learned new skills to operate a production studio to launch Las Noticias en Confianza on TVSB. Providing you with the only

Spanish-speaking news and commentary program on local television.

You involve diverse people and voices in media

Each year, more than 170 people create independent media to share on TV Santa Barbara. Every month, a local group shares their thoughts on the issue of guns and violence in our society. Local pastors share their faith with people unable to attend church service. Teachers talk about success in the classroom. People meet former celebrities, enjoy a cooking show, and learn about community life. More than 135 nonprofit organizations share their mission and impact. This diverse content exposes people to alternative viewpoints and thoughts. This media helps people see the world in new ways.

You build media literacy

People need to be able to access, evaluate, analyze, and create media. Youth gain skills and learn to communicate with purpose through our youth media program. Media training programs provided more than 55 adults and seniors with new skills in media production. These skills are needed for today's workforce and democracy.

You invest people with the power of technology

Voices are elevated through the use of media tools. Studios, a media lab, and cameras give people the ability to tell their stories. People are empowered to be creative, express themselves freely, and organize around civic issues. This year, people accessed more than $600,000 worth of technology to improve lives.

You give democracy a voice

For a healthy democracy, we need to have access to information. As reported by the Knight Commission, "Information is as vital to our communities as roads, safe streets, water, and clean air." Almost every one of us has a device on us that we can use to capture and tell our stories, to shape the information we consume.

That is the beauty of media created by and for people in our community. Your investment ensures all people can share their thoughts, their passions, and their culture with the community. You make sure media exists to discuss issues and policies of importance. You help your neighbors understand and appreciate different cultures, and you educate the community. Our democracy needs you so all people can participate to create media that matters and share their voice. You have the power to give democracy a voice.

Invest $15 per month to increase diverse voices in media.

Invest $30 per month to provide the power of technology.

Invest $50 per month to build media literacy

Or make a one-time investment to strengthen understanding through media. Your investment at any level protects people's right and ability to be heard through media!

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