Field Production & Editing Spring 2017 Series

Starts: February 4 @ 10:30AM     Ends: March 18 @ 1:00PM

If you're shooting an independent film, video project or television program, you can learn how to use our field production gear. Through these courses, gain tips and tricks for capturing a scene, shooting creatively and effectively, capturing audio, and editing together your final video. You must complete all of the courses in this series to receive your TVSB Field and Editing Certification. By the end of the course, you will have produced a short video program to air on TV Santa Barbara.

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Learn Field Production and Editing this Fall

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Field Production & Editing Full Series: $75

Media 101: Producing a Video

Gain a basic understanding of the production process. Learn how to plan to get your idea from concept to reality

Field 101: Operating Field Production Cameras

Learn how to operate production cameras in the field. We'll cover framing your shots, setting up your gear, recording your video, and shooting to edit.

Field 102: Audio Production in the Field

Learn how to properly identify, choose and set-up microphones for a field production. Explore how to monitor your audio and address any issues.

Field 103: Lighting for the Field

We'll cover the basics of three point lighting, what lights are available in our field kits, and the use of reflectors and scrims.

Edit 101: Final Cut Pro X Introduction

Gain an understanding of the interface, how to organize your media, and import your media into your library. Perform some basic edits.

Edit 102: Final Cut Pro X Intermediate

Start to work on more advanced editing techniques for your program which include adding transitions, adjusting your audio mix, and adding basic graphics.

Edit 103: Final Cut Pro X Exporting Media

You will finalize your media in your timeline and learn how to export your media for different playback platforms.

Event Location

TV Santa Barbara Media Access Center
329 S Salinas St
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

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