Become a Media Maker at TV Santa Barbara

Help make local media that matters to your community

TV Santa Barbara is the place for you to connect, communicate and create media. It is a center designed for content creators of all experience levels, providing access to media technology for you to shape your story, share ideas, and create digital media.

You can join TVSB to become a TVSB media maker which includes access at a discounted rate to our media production center, cameras, studios, and media lab. Once you have created your story in digital format, we provide our producer-level members with the distribution platforms to connect and share your media locally and globally.

Media Maker memberships are available for an annual fee for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

TVSB offers extensive hands-on training opportunities if you want to learn how to use digital media production tools to create your own project. Professional equipment and production studios are available to our members with a studio level membership.

Join TVSB today and use media to connect and communicate!

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